Create A New Slider and note its shortcode (see 'Slider Shortcode' in the screenshot)

Place the generated shortcode in → Theme Options

Watch this helpful video from creators of revolution slider plugin: Revolution Slider Responsive WordPress Plugin

Setting up slider and importing settings like seen in demo of Layout2, Layout3, Layout4.

First, I have cropped the images manually to fit the sizes and make their prominent area visible.
Revolution slider has 'auto resizing' feature but it doesn't know which area of image is most important for you.
So I prefer to crop them manually (using an image editing program).
If you are not familiar with Photoshop, there are many other cropping options.
There are 'crop image' plugins for wordpress so you can crop from admin panel too.

I have also created the framed images (as seen in the demo slide having title 'Our Collection of cakes') in Photoshop myself, like this:

You can edit above images in photoshop, but if you dont know how to, please get help of someone who knows basic photoshop.

After you have images ready, please import following revolution slider export file in slider.
See screenshot below

Layout 2 slider export file: layout2.txt
Layout 3 slider export file: layout3.txt
Layout 4 slider export file: layout4.txt

Also, please follow these steps on how to import a slider (last image in the section).

Note: Importing slider imports only its settings related to the slides, it does not import the images, so you will need to place your own images on slides, which is very easy. I have created a small guidance image for you. Please check the image link

Here is a video on importing the slider: Revolution Slider Import Settings
Note: This applies for other theme by the author, but done very well and worth linking

I hope it helps. feel free to post your questions by replying to this thread.